Everyone feels down once in a while. That’s the story of life. But feeling down has nothing to do with depression. Anyone who has felt depressed can testify that depression is something else. I cannot describe your depression to you…your depression is as unique as your signature.
Depression is an equal opportunity employer. It is not impressed by fame and fortune. It has no sympathy if you are old or young. It doesn’t care about your status in the community. Male and female get it alike, although depression does tend to favour middle aged women. It is reported that women suffer twice as much from depression than their male counterparts. Having said that men are catching up… fast.
Depression is a human condition, it only becomes a mental illness if you do not do something about it.
My assertion is that depression is a condition of the mind. But what is the mind? The mind exist to enable you to experience yourself on the planet. So, to be depression must mean that you experience your life negatively. What keeps that negative loop going on and on…month after month… year in year out…your thoughts?
So depression is the experience you get when you are overrun with negative thoughts. The more negative the thoughts the deeper the depression. Being depressed is exhausting because at the end of the day it is not your natural state of being. The mind is not supposed to fight itself. You cannot expect a depressed mind that got you depressed in the first place to get you out of depression. In order to deal with depression you have to break the negative loop. Exercising releases feel good hormones like endorphins to combat the negative ones such as cortisol. Eating well means that you are building a strong immune system to ward off illness. Sleeping well is important so that your mind and body has a chance to heal. Seeing a therapist in conjunction with the above is the fastest way out of depression bar none.
Until next time…Best wishes!

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