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Travel is powerful! Travelling can be life-changing as upon your return from a journey, whether it’s in the same country or abroad, you often return with a new appreciation for the world around you. Travelling creates a deeper sense of gratitude for your life and the beautiful world that you live in. Just imagine your life living in a rain forest with just a single species of bird, flower or life around you day in day out for years! Traveling can make you see the world differently and not be judgmental about different culture and traditions. You learn not to stereotype people and their life style and experience the similarity and differences that every place and practice has to offer.

ZIYA Ziya means light and glow… and this is exactly what she brought to our lives when she was born. As I held her for the first time, I had imagined her whole life in my heart and wished nothing less but a world of fulfilled dreams for her. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans…